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Long time... << >> [Tuesday
March 25th, 2008 at 11:57pm
But I don't care. I'm saving quiz results =P

Your life in the Mystical Realm (girls only)

Name: Marli CreamiPower: LightingWhat: You are fast and un-predictible. You don't plan things out you just do it! You are indecive and different!
Take this quiz!

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*shrug* Boring but oh well.

This one surprised me.

What God or Goddess are you? (Pics!)

Hel or Hella - Norse, Goddess of Death and ruler of the realm of the dead. Hel(la) was known as the Queen Goddess of the underworld. She was originally raised in Asgard with her father, but was later given the underworld of Nifelheim/Helheim as her domain. She presided over all of the dead but those who were killed in battle. Those who died heroically in battle ended up in Valhalla, the Hall of the Heroes. She was the sole goddess to decide the fate of those souls who entered her domain.

Hel(la) was said to have a quite disturbing appearance; she was born with her bones exposed on the outside of her body. It is also sometimes said that she was both black and white. Her body was known as representing both sides of the spectrum.
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*SQUEE* I had no idea she was even in this one!!! =D and I looked at all the possible results, ONLY nordic god/dess THERE! I feel special <3
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my dmon [Friday
June 29th, 2007 at 10:54am
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*blink* [Friday
June 1st, 2007 at 12:17am
Lj is trying to weed out the pedofiles...
I find that funny.
Don't ask. I don't know. I just find it funny.

went to a picnic with friends.
total mess.

got into a fight with mother.
now hiding in my room.

Chana blames me for gabys behavior.
I laugh.

Mary said 'I'm fine'
I laugh some more.

Gaby throws tantrums.
I twitch, and laugh yet again.

the pedofile that makes LJ so amusing is being the same as always.
"how are you~~~ hows your sister"
Iritating. And apparently those few words are extremely hard for gaby to say which resulted in another tantrum.
He's irritating. She's irritating. Home is irritating...

First day of summer vacation and Everyone is getting on my nerves -_-

And if Lj thinks this is a bad post keep in mind, I'm not the pedo. that would be my father whome i absolutly love complaining about.

and crap...i scratch myself.... and apparently my nails are sharper then i thought...
it stiiiiiiiiiiiiiings!!!!!!!! *twitch* And now I'm tired...
Good night!

***I'm going to spend all summer vacation infront of this computer screen -_-***
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grumble grumble. [Wednesday
April 4th, 2007 at 6:15pm
[ mood | bitchy ]

anyways....mother got a call from the courts saying that HE called them and said that he hasn't been able to talk to me and gaby.
that we don't call him or pick up the phone.

so i called him, late last night. gaby was on the mickey phone and mother was leaning against the phone listening. laughing slightly as he spoke.

at first is was kind of entertaining. i was eating ice-cream. mocking him. waiting for him to retaliate and then he goes.

"you know, i know who is behind this. this is your mother talking. you haven't heard my side of the story. you've been turned against me by your stupid mother."

crack went my ice-cream cone. as did my good mood.
I replied by saying i wasn't being influenced by anyone as i tossed my cone in the sink seeing as i didn't want to have to clean up vanilla ice-cream which would have landed on my hand the kitchen table and the phone.
but he continued. saying i didn't know what i was saying. what i was doing. that he didn't do anything. that mary and rosy were lying. that my mother was an idiot.
everyone in the neighbor hood probably heard me scream


and hang up.
of course i had more to say. my mother isn't stupid. my sisters aren't lying and that he was a complete ass hole. but no. I hung up.
after that i couldn't think straight and attempted to slam my door on the return to my room...

ha ha. it flew down the hall way...
forgot it didn't have hinges....<< >>

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bored~~~ [Monday
April 2nd, 2007 at 1:24pm
[ mood | accomplished ]

photoshop frenzy ^^

(yes this one is NOT the right size but i don't care =P)

there is another av and another signature but they dont want to load...
and my loki heim desktop doesn't want to either!!! *cries*

<< >> oh well i'm done.

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more quizes. [Sunday
March 25th, 2007 at 5:13pm

What Sign of the Zodiac are you REALLY?

You are a Capricorn

You are a Capricorn, the Goat, heartless and cold. No offense meant, but Capricorns tend to have little to no feelings whatsoever. Your mind is set on reaching your goals, no matter what might have to be sacrificed. It is people like you that can change the world. You could probably find a use for anything, and if it's useless, it's gone. You work extremely well under any amount of stress without ever losing your cool. Capricorns are smart, ambitious and classy. But can be known to be dishonest, selfish and snobby. When your in a bad mood, just one vile glance is enough to scare someone to death. You can be a very bright, happy person too, though! I'd know, I was born a capricorn. Who needs feelings anyways!? (Deep down, your a hopeless romantic)
Date: December 22-January 20
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn (Chronos)
Quote: 'One cool judgement is worth a thousand hasty counsels.' -Woodrow Wilson
Take this quiz!

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Which Character From Loki Ragnarok Are You?

You are Heimdal! As the god of the Dawn, you are given the daunting task of guarding Bifrost, the bridge leading to Asgard. You're very serious, cynical, and will stop at nothing to destroy Loki. Sometimes the things that are really important in life are the simplest and most pleasing of all.
Take this quiz!

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^^ [Sunday
February 18th, 2007 at 1:15am
[ mood | sleepy ]

today---yesturday was fun. i went to the movies with ely and saw bridge to terabithia.
that movie was nice.... i couldn't tell what was real though @__@ it was pretty confusing after a while but i still liked it.
after that we had to wait for her brother to finish watching epic movie which nicole had invited me to a week before but i decided not to go with her because it would be and was more fun with ely and her family.

so we spent like an hour talking and then we got bored and walked around for another hour until her brother finally came out of the theaters. by the time i got hom it was 9 past midnight.
no one had bothered to call me and i think her brother thinks i'm emotionaly disturbed or something because i was talking to her about the stuff that happened in sixth grade and i kept seeing him fidget and mumble crap.

oh well. either way.
today was fun. and now i'm exhausted and have been neglecting my fanfic.


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February 4th, 2007 at 5:49pm
[ mood | amused ]

"THAT'S IT!MUWAHAHAHA!!!!" *runs into kitchen* *opens refrigerator* *opens lunch-ables* *steals crunch*

all the while i am yelling
"I SOLEMNLY SWEAR I'M UP TO NO GOOD!!! I'M UP TO NO GOOD!!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!" *runs down the hall cackling maniacally*

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WUU!!!! [Thursday
December 28th, 2006 at 11:03pm
[ mood | satisfied ]

BUYA! i finished my contest entry!!!

oh, did i not write about that? whoops!

well anyway i joined this forum called Under the Sea (no not like little mermaid god damn it ><)

anyway i started a contest for 'cute fanfics' and i didn't start it until a few weeks ago. (stupid me xD)
and i finally finished it last night!
after that i finally alowed myself to clean up my room, and watch this movie chana got me for christmas.

Castle in the sky is a pretty good movie i must admit. ty chana!

anyway the stupid one is still asking what i want as a present and i said 'fine get me the first seven books of loki' and now he wont leave me alone until i give him a place where they actually sell the damn things -.-

i hate karma xD

oh well...*thinks* anything else?...no... oh wait!!!

ty brian for the present, nicole your cheap! (she gave me all her old inuyasha crap. i dont even LIKE inuyasha anymore -.-) ty chana ty mother, i put IM Skittles Keiko and Ponch in my picture frame.
ty genesis my secret santa. you did good in keeping it a secret. nearly drove me insane when you took out my present and said 'I'm your secret santa' *dies* i thought you had the other genesis xD

angie rackel and eli. YOU SUCK! you guys didn't come. and drove me crazy cause i suddenly became the hostess of the party.


oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and i'm planing on making a Loki doujinshi. but i need ideas, got any?

anyway i think thats it....ya.... ok i'm good! JA NE!

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November 28th, 2006 at 11:06pm

Which Matantei Loki Ragnarok character are you?

You are HEL.In Norse mythology, Hel is the ruler of Helheim, the realm of the dead. She is the youngest child of the evil god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. She is usually described as a horrible hag, half alive and half dead, with a gloomy and grim expression. Her face and body are those of a living woman, but her thighs and legs are those of a corpse, mottled and moldering. The gods had abducted Hel and her brothers from Angrboda's hall. They cast her in the underworld, into which she distributes those who are send to her; the wicked and those who died of sickness or old age.
Take this quiz!

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What type of anime fan are you? ~I offer pictures and detail~

~Your more on the goth/emo side and have a good sence of humor. Not always qiuet, but understand colplex anime such as NGE and FMA. I applaud your open mind, love demonic things, and posible love of your super sarcasm addiction...because your like me xD;; ~And here is a pic out of my personal stash, just for you~
Take this quiz!

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i like this one too ^-^

Which Matantei Loki Ragnarok Character Are You? (with pics)

Loki - The Trickster God
Take this quiz!

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i like the pic *-*

ok well its late and i have school in the morning! night!
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WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! [Thursday
November 23rd, 2006 at 8:41pm
[ mood | content ]

been a while << >>

oh well!!!! lalalala i found out how to make AMVS WATCH OUT WORLD!!! xD no really, i've only know for 4 days and already have 4 AMV's out. i make one everyday! << >>

though now i have run out of clips.

MUST FIND MORE CLIPS!!! *obsessive*
oh me and elizabeth have no renamed thanksgiving.

Thankyouturkey day!!! lol

uhm...ooh!!! in civics we had to write a paragraph on what thanks giving means to us.

"to a lot of people thanksgiving is a loving holiday filled with fun and joy. so of course...i'm going to write about the complete oposite!"

thats how i started my paragraph and my teacher started laughing as she read it. the next day she sat in the middle of the room and started going through all of the paragraphs.

"dont EVER say that again!" she said to one girl.
"you cant say 'the reason i get up in the morning is because of my boyfriend' no!" my teacher said
__ __
O(<<)O O(>>)O

and then she just started going

"stop LYING. Your all LIARS!" and started throwing papers around. eventually she started cursing and everyone gasped, well cept me cause i could care less about what a teacher does.

and then she came to my paper and gave it to me. at the end she told everyone to rewrite it and i asked her what i was supposed to do.

"oh nvm. yours is ok. you dont have to fix it." so i gave it to her and got to sit through the rest of the class period listening to music ^-^

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~Artemis Fowl. the Lost Colony~ [Wednesday
November 15th, 2006 at 11:57pm
[ mood | determined ]

Chanaaaa let me read itttt!!! pppplllleeeeaaaaassseeee chhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh come on, you know how fast i'm capable of reading when i'm nearly obsessed with the book. just let me reeeeeaaaad it!!!!

did you know there is only one library in all of the miami dadeschools that has that book?

one copy, Killian Highschool. i never even knew there WAS a killian highschool!!!

chhhaaannnnaaaa come onnnn!!!!! pllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cries* i wanna read it...

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nearly suspended? [Tuesday
November 14th, 2006 at 11:11pm
[ mood | satisfied ]

I almost got suspended today!!!!

anywayyy it started off in lunch.

cause it was this real drippy-like-food so i told janet to hold my book so it wouldn't get dirty. and then HERE HE COMES TO WRECK THE DAY!!!

Joey comes with his dirty hands and grabs it, asking janet if he can read it after he's already flipping through it.
i could already see the smudges of greese that where going to show up, so i smack his hand away and tell him its my book, and i dont want him touching it, and as i'm taking it back he's trying to take it from my hands just to anoy me. and as he's doing that i desides FINE!
i got up smiling, i could see the fear bubbling up inside of him, and i walked over to a security gaurd.
"this guy keeps messing with my stuff"
"this guy is trying to touch my book!"
"O.O where is he?"
"over here" i took her there, and then she took the both of us over to the vice principal who was just across the room. and she says

"you where trying to touch her butt?!"
we both burst out laughing at that.
"nooo my book!!!"
"i was trying to touch her wha!?!" and as soon as that got sorted out she yelled at him and i walked away triumphantly. a few minutes later he comes up to me and says.

"your suspended"

"may i ask why?"
"cause you hit me!"
"omg your such a girl, i got you away from my book."
"either way you cant touch me. they want to talk to you"
"so? i'm not getting up, they want to talk to me they can come get me themselves, i'm not going to listen to you"
"didn't you hear me?! they want you!"
"I dont care!"

then the vice principal came over and saw my book
"oh, the chronicals of narnia? i read 2 of those books."
"well i'm on #6, i dont want to read it though, my sister is making me."
"oh, well good luck, oh btw, dont hit him."
"i was just keeping him away from my book."
"ya, just dont touch him"
"fine" *Walks away*

Joey: O.O -.- ><

Vice Principal: ^-^ *walks away*

Me: >;)

today was fun...


a Pinch of Cinamon.
a teaspoon of Sugar
a Dash of milk (or, how we now call it, Cow)

I love my squishy!!! PINCH IS LUB!!!! I LUB YOU PINCH!!!! =] yay puppies!!!
oh and i made a Loki stick (Laevatin) and a Scythe!!! MUWAHAHAHAH!!! xD

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Quizs!!! and other news -.- [Monday
November 13th, 2006 at 1:11pm
[ mood | crappy ]

What type of anime School Girl are you? (Without overly used pics)

You are an angry school girl. Yeesh, someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning or what? Others fear you because your harsh attitude, You complain alot and always need to get a rant out or so. Some people may find this a bit annoying. Perhaps something in the past has got you down. Try and be...a bit nicer okay? Yelling and insulting people isn't going to solve anything.
Take this quiz!

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wuu that rocks...

Which Loki Ragnarock Character Are You?

You are Heindall!You've got a bit of an attitude, but youre definitely not lacking in the self esteem department. You're a great person, you just needta work on those social skills a bit, eh? ^.~;;
Take this quiz!

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they spelled his name wrong!!! ><

What kind of friend are you?

You are the aggressive friend. You tend to be a little pushy sometimes even if you do mean well and sometimes people tend to get annoyed with you. You tend to just shake it off and ask what their problem is and just continue doing what they are doing. Even with your aggressive behavior you have some friends that will stick by you to the end because they know that under that aggressive skin there is a good friend.
Take this quiz!

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What Season Best Fits You? (anime pics)

You are a spring. You are very mellow most of the time except for the caffine season (which is year round) but you are also a very nice person. When people tick you off though God better save them. lol You are a fairly socialable person because people know you won't get mad too easy or seem to. But you are a very nice peron over all. ^-^
Take this quiz!

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i was a little shocked at first << >>>

What Kind Of Girl Are You?

You are the gothic girl. You don't like to hang out with a lot of people who don't have your same interest. You also like blood even if by a little bit. You can't help who you are and you like who you are!
Take this quiz!

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my friend got the same result O.o

anyway other news.


and chana...we need more damn pads -.-

RAAAAA!!!!! now i'm hungry...but i dont want to get up v.v

damn ittt should have gone to school....-.- they have food there, and they force you to move...then again if i went i'd probably die....
and also they have really crappy food..._-_

god this sucks!!! chana when you get home can you make pancakes? i really want pancakes...pleeeaaaaasssseeee???

oh and i now have to write a LokixMayura fic cause i was talking to this girl earlier, and she's really nice and she requested it...v.v to bad i'm not as mean online as i am in person _-_
oh well it cant be that hard can it? naaa i can do it ^-^
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My day!!! [Wednesday
November 8th, 2006 at 10:15pm
[ mood | surprisingly content...<< >> ]

SonicV4 (9:58:39 PM): weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
SonicV4 (9:59:08 PM): i'm happy for no reason whatsoever
SonicV4 (9:59:09 PM): ;x
SonicV4 (9:59:21 PM): but i don't need a reason!
SonicV4 (9:59:23 PM): ^_^
RedFireCat58 (9:59:25 PM): lol
RedFireCat58 (10:00:50 PM): i got called a whore today, i got yelled at by, and got to yell at, a security gaurd, then i got to curse at a counselor, i got to kick joey right between the legs, and beat his head with a roled up poster, then i got to yell at my 6th period teacher, so he would bother Joey who he had in his 2nd period

i like MR. C hes weird but cool lol
SonicV4 (10:01:20 PM): o_o
SonicV4 (10:01:23 PM): lol
SonicV4 (10:01:28 PM): ................who called you a whore? v_-
RedFireCat58 (10:01:35 PM): Joey
SonicV4 (10:01:46 PM): in that case, his kicking was well deserved
SonicV4 (10:02:02 PM): either that, or he likes you and has a weird way of showing it ;x
RedFireCat58 (10:04:14 PM): no, he kissed my friend, i yelled at him, he denied it then said "for all i know you kissed Tiana" i walked away mad, and then he yells "I"M GONNA TELL EVERYONE YOUR A WHORE" and thats when i came after him with a poster, then he kicked me, and i got more fed up and said "i can get you suspended you know that?" and i walked to the office when i stopped and thought about whether or not i wanted to be a tattle tale, and then my friends came and started telling me not to tell anyone and to go see a counselor so i got mad and cursed and Miss Levi the security gaurd everyone is HORRIFIED of
SonicV4 (10:04:53 PM): o_o
RedFireCat58 (10:05:27 PM): came bye as i said "i dont want to see a fucking counselor! i'm sick of counselors!" and she stopped me and said "ah-uh your going to" "going to what?" "see a counselor" "No screaw it, i dont want to go see another fucking counselor! i'm sick of the dumb asses!" "i dont like your attitude" "I dont like yours!"
SonicV4 (10:05:55 PM): o_o
RedFireCat58 (10:06:02 PM): and then i got sent to a counselor, and i got to bitch at her for a while
RedFireCat58 (10:06:20 PM): and then i was late for my first period and had to finish my test in 5 minutes
RedFireCat58 (10:06:33 PM): then i skipped lunch not wanting to have to see the dumbass that is joey
SonicV4 (10:06:41 PM): :/
RedFireCat58 (10:06:44 PM): and after that it became uneventful

oh!!! kudos!!! next week is the last visitation!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!

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bored and running uhoh!!! [Wednesday
November 1st, 2006 at 5:03pm
[ mood | amused ]

What Norse God\Goddess are you? (Matantei Loki Ragnarok pics)

You are Hel.You are Loki's only daughter and you are the ruler of Helheim. You are described as a horrible hag with half a body resembaling a rotting corpse and half looking like a normal woman. You always have a grim or gloomy expression on your face.
Take this quiz!

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grrrrr [Monday
October 30th, 2006 at 5:04pm
[ mood | irritated ]

i'm a kill tiana.... i mean it....-.-

well as was suspected no one admitted to putting gum in my book
and i heard that Tiana said
"because of Pw i cant love any one else. i don't want my heart broken again"


i confronted her and she denied it, but every time she saw me she asked who told me.
unfortunately i am not at liberty to explain who it was that told me. but if that person is reading this.
thank you, you gave me an outlet ^-^

anyway i was basically ok through out the day. just extremely irritable...at one point a grabbed a kid by his shirt calor dragged him down the steps of the chorus room and through him against his chair just for sitting in mine

<< >> then i had a wonderful chat with Mariah, or w/e her name is its confusing, about my personality and why i'm always out of the crowd

now she wants to finish the chat tomorrow -.- i dont like talking to stereo typical girls. and she's one of them...she asked if i was a rocker and when i said "i like rock music" she said "oh so thats why your so serious"
"no, so what if i like rock music? that doesn't change how a person reacts or thinks!"
"oh...well then why?"
"its how i am, i don't need an explanation to be me"
and then the bell rang. and i ran out the door v.v

rritable and CRAAAAAP my stomach hurts again ............................

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October 27th, 2006 at 4:17pm
[ mood | evil and hyper, woohoo ]

i found something very very bad in marys room. and i soooo want to tell mother, or tell mary i know...but then she might get mad........and mother might blow up....and ugg!!!!!

i almost fell down in lunch today!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! wait thats not funny...<< >>

i'm going to stalk people!!! i found the locator in the office today!!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

oh yes, and the best news, someone, put...


if u did it...be sure...i'll find u....and *giggles* be ready....not only am i going to force you to buy me another one, and compensation for ruining the book in the first place...but oh i will have much fun come monday....just u wait...

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October 26th, 2006 at 8:01pm
[ mood | blah ]

i just spent the last half an hour laying on the kitchen floor...

my food is cold...my head hurts...my hand is numb...and i dont want to move...i can barely concentrate on what i'm typing
but i dont care. i dont know why...but i dont. i was laying on the floor and what was i saying? 'get away from me you stupid mutt' to monster who had just noticed 'gasp! its a human! its human! she's laying on the floor waiting for me! yay!!!'

i wasn't complaining about the pain i was in, i wasn't complaining about the sticky floor, in fact i wasn't complaining at all, i was playing with the dog.
it was a little while after i got feeling back into one of my hands that i was finally able to push him away, after that came my neck and then my waist and after much stumbling and grabbing support i was able to get up and get my food.

i still feel horrible as u can see but for some reason...i just dont care.
i'm going to go finish a drawing for my friend and then i have to do a bookreport for dear miss richards...i dont think i have any other hw....do i? oh wait i have some *reading esentials* to do for science...uggg i'll be up for a while today

edit= fell down 8 more times, cursed freguently, got yelled at by mother...and...*lets see* hm, well u cant have an *entirly* bad day now can u? ^_~

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<3 [Thursday
October 19th, 2006 at 4:46pm
[ mood | embarrassed ]

i was up and down today!!!!!
i was twirling around this morning. then when i was trying to leave to go to school gaby pulled out hw which was due today and i had to wait an extra half hour to help her do it. then i got to school and i found my friends in the library i was happy and hyper O(^-^)O

anyway i was fine up to the point when i was in the cafeteria. i had gone to throw away my food and counted my loki pins really fast to make sure they were all there but when i came back the one with loki and the norns was gone and the one with loki from the first dvd was on the floor. i instantly started searching everywhere but i didn't find it.

which is why i now love joey and brian! ^-^

Joey came to my class in 6th period and the first thing i saw when i opened the door was my pin

"brian found it" he was walking away and elizabeth was going to bother him but i told her no and hugged him, i think he's scared of me now lol

and brian if u some how found a way to look at my LJ then TY TY TY!!!!! u guys rock! thanks!

that made my day. it was the first time i had cried over a material possesion. brian bought them for me! my brother brian! i already felt bad that i lost the one with loki and e-chan but when i lost my favorite one i cried. i felt really bad...brian had bought them for me! my brother is important to me...*as shown in post below*

i love my brother!!!

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